There are days when I think 'What the hell am I doing?”

You know the days when the self doubt kicks in, usually around the time that things haven’t gone to plan,or I have had my 79th rejection this week, well I have a few of those days. I’m sure we all do.

The real question is How do you deal with those times?

Power through, some say.

How can I power through when I don’t even want to get out of bed? How can I Power through when brushing my teeth feels like a mission?

This is when I bring myself to my WHYs. Why did I start this Business. Why is it important for me?

For me, I allow myself to take a day of wallowing in my self doubt and self pity as I believe you need to feel, experience and go through the emotions to deal with them, and I spend time thinking of my WHYs.

My WHYs: (In no particular order and not a complete list)

  • Financial Security

  • Independent Business Owner

  • Work my own hours from anywhere in the World

  • To be my own Boss

  • To make a difference in the world, especially my hometown of Christchurch

  • To help other small Businesses

  • To create a Family Legacy

What are your WHYs?

Stay Online Fabulous