In The Beginning

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to our second Blog.

I'm Kirsten, I co-run Kustom Media with my very talented Daughter Jasmine.

What a journey it has been over the last 10 months since the Company began. I knew starting a business, especially at my age,would be hard work but I didn't realise how much time I would need to put in!

That's not a complaint...I have loved the journey so far and have gotten so much from this journey.

Starting a business from scratch has been quite an education. We spent many nights brain storming about what kind of business we would start, and by golly did we have some fanciful ideas. We thought about a Spray Tan Business as getting tanned is something we love doing so it seemed logical to learn something we spend a fair amount of money on. We contemplated importing Wedding dresses also as we love all things Wedding. While these ideas may have been great businesses we didn't really have a passion for either.

We worked out that in order to have the best shot at success, our business should be based around what we were passionate about and what we were good at...and here we are.

We have a passion for people and helping them improve their situation and a passion for Social Media so all that was left was to come up with a name....and Kustom Media was born.

We didn't start this business knowing everything we needed to know, we just dove in head first. We have studied a lot. Jasmine breezed through Adwords training, but it has taken me longer to come to grips with Adwords and I have finally just achieved my certificate!

Fear has been a companion of mine for most of this journey. Fear of failure, fear of looking like a fool, fear of being out of my depth. Instead of bowing down to this fear I am meeting it head on and using it to push myself harder.

I turn 50 next year and instead of settling down I'm up to my neck in this exciting adventure with no sign of slowing down!

If you are starting your own business, we would LOVE to hear from you

Stay Online Fabulous