Be Authentic and Care.

Welcome to the World of Instagram! 

Photos, Hashtags, Stories and now IGTV.  A fabulous and terrifying way to build a business!

Instagram is a smart person's game and the forever flicking finger is proof that if you don't draw instant attention you will be missed to the blur of images. 

So - How do you Stand Out?

How do you make your audience Stop and Pay Attention?


This sounds like mambi pampi bullshit!

But... Being true to your Brand and ACTUALLY caring about your audience allows you to build trust, trust in you, trust in your opinions and trust in the products or services you provide. 

But what do you actually have to do?

Post UNIQUE Content that reflects YOUR Brand and Brand Values!

Engage with OTHERS on YOUR Posts!

Engage with OTHERS on THEIR Posts! 

Understand who your audience is, and provide them with content in a way that you know they will respond.

If you are a beginner - Videos, Photos, Times of the Day, Keep an Eye on your Insights and Tailor your campaign to reach your audience in a way that you engage your followers and boost your Brand Presence. 

Be True, Be Kind, and Listen! 

- Jas