Networking is good for the Soul

I remember the first Networking event that I attended. It was run by a neat group of people called BOAR. It was held at ARA Polytechnic. I stood outside the door too terrified to go in.

What if they laughed at me , after all I had only just gone into Business. I had failed my Google training and had to resit it, so that meant I didn’t really know what I was doing right? I felt like a fraud. I definitely didn’t think that I knew my stuff well enough to Network with people that I had already decided were far superior to me.

My daughter/Business partner Jasmine had to push me through the door.

A big breath of nervous air and I was in.

Handshake, intro, handshake, intro…so far so good. I remembered my name and made eye contact. #winning

Straight to the bar, a glass of chilled wine in my hand, large gulp and smile.

The rest of the evening went surprisingly well and I even won a prize. Everyone understood how I was feeling. They had all been me at some point so they got it when i mumbled or looked unsure of what I was saying. They completely put me at ease.

That night I learnt that I am Braver than I thought, Smarter than I give myself credit for and that I do indeed know my stuff.

I learnt that Networking is good for your soul and your business. And that is what made us run Networking events ourselves last year. We loved putting people together and we knew how scary they could feel.

Very soon we will start them up again and we want you to come along. We know you might be nervous, we understand that and want you to come along anyway.

Be Brave

Much Love

Kirsten xx