And I'm feeling good.

Our first Networking event this year

Last night we held our first Networking event for this year.

It has been quite a few months since our last one as life as been super busy.

Even as I wrote that, I knew in my heart that I wasn’t being honest.

Have we been busy? Yes.

Is this the reason that we haven’t held a Networking event for such a long time? No, but it is the excuse I told myself.

My Fears
I think that the real reason is nerves. The anxiety of running Networking nights is huge for me.

What if no one comes?

What if too many come?

What if people come and I look like a fraud?

Im always frightened that people will ask things I’m not sure of the answers to.

What should I wear?

Should I dress Business like or is tidy casual ok?

What if I choke on a peanut?

The list goes on. These are the thoughts and excuses that I use to put off hosting an event.

Last night I cycled through all those emotions. We arrived super early and talked about what we would do if nobody came. We decided it would be awkward if only 1 person arrived and that definitely 2 people would be better. We decided that if nobody came, it would be ok as nobody would know that nobody came. We would just use that time to have dinner and call it a Business Meeting.

We ordered a drink each and some delicious flat bread and sat down to stress together.

It turns out we wasted our time stressing as people started to arrive. Big sigh of relief followed by a bloody awesome night with some wonderfully talented people. In fact I enjoyed the night so much as it just felt like we were hanging with friends. It really was a fantastic night.

Pushing through my fears

If I had continued to give in to my fears I would have missed out on meeting some very cool people.

I would have missed out on some of the most interesting conversations that I have had in a while.

I would have missed out on some work that came our way today.

I would have felt like a failure again for failing to carry it through. Like I had let myself down, again.

But because I didn’t let my fear and insecurities win, I won instead. And it feels good

I think this song sums it up for me right now. Thank you Mr Lambert.


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Much Love

Kirsten x