Kustom Accounting

Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get!
— Warren Buffet

At Kustom Accounting, we look after the little guy!

We understand how hard business can be, and we are here to do what we do best to allow you to do you!

We specialize in Small to Medium Businesses with services in Accounting, Payroll, Year End Reporting and Compliance.

We are located in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Accounting & Compliance

From your Tax Return, Bank Reconciliations, Invoicing and Credit Control - we do it all!

Kustom Accounting is here is support your business as you grow, allowing you to focus on making those important business decisions.

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Payroll & PAYE Reporting

Casual, Salary, Wage Employees - No matter your situation, Kustom Accounting has your back!

From full Payroll Processing, PAYE Filing and HR Reporting, Kustom Accounting provides your team with satisfaction of on time Payroll Processes.

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Monthly or year end Reporting

Annual Reports and Monthly Management Accounts to support decision making in your business.

Get in touch with the Kustom Accounting team today!

Get in Touch with the Kustom Accounting Team today!

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